Poplar Hills Golf & Country Club Rules and Conduct

Dress Code

  • Golfers must wear proper attire at all times
  • Jeans are acceptable providing they are not ripped, torn or dirty.
  • Gym shorts, sweat pants, tube tops and halter tops, mesh shirts, cut-offs, short shorts and dress of this nature are inappropriate.
  • Members will be responsible for making sure their guests adhere to the Golf course dress code.
  • The dress code shall apply to all golfers 12 years of age and older.
  • To preserve the putting greens, Poplar Hills Golf Club has adopted "soft spikes only".  Hiking boots, work boots, cowboy boots, softball or rugby shoes are not allowed on the course.

Golf Carts

  • The operator will be responsible for damages to the golf course, or injury to the person or property of others, occurring while the cart is being operated by him or her or by any person authorized to do so by him or her.
  • Pull carts shall not be pulled on or across any green or tee box
  • Unless otherwise directed by PHGCC, golf carts are to remain on cart paths at all times.
  • There shall be no more than two adult riders on a golf cart at anytime (rentals or private).
  • No person shall ride on back of golf carts.
  • Private carts kept at the golf course can only be used by the owner and immediate family members.
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Course Etiquette

  • In order that the conduct of play may be uniform and in equity, starting times will be required.  All golfers must sign-in at the Pro Shop.  Starting times may be reserved with the Golf Shop either in person or by telephone.  Those members who do not have a starting time will be assigned a starting time by the Golf Shop personnel on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Maximum 4 players per group
  • No children under age 6.  Sorry!  No non-playing children are allowed on the course due to liability and insurance.
  • We enforce a dress code
  • Golf carts are to remain on cart paths at all times
  • No outside alcohol, food or coolers will be permitted on the golf course or in the clubhouse.  Any person caught with outside alcohol or coolers will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Players failing to keep their place on the course and losing a distance of one clear hole ahead must permit the following players to pass.
  • Turf cut or displaced soil (divots) should be replaced at once and pressed down.
  • All holes and footprints made in a sand trap should be raked smooth.
  • A bruise or depression resulting from a shot to a green should be repaired at once.
  • All empty cigarette packages, candy wrappers, drinking containers and other trash should be put in receptacles at the tee.
  • Users of motorized golf carts must observe the written rules and regulations for golf carts.
  • Any member or guest who does not comply with the Rules of Golf and the standards of maintenance and etiquette set forth above is subject to a warning in the first instance and thereafter suspension from the privileges.
  • Cell phones and other similar communication devices may be used on the course.  All forms of these devices must be used on 'vibrate' or silent mode.  Use of the device must be done discretely to cause no disturbance to other players.
  • Formal complaints about policy or golf related matters must be submitted in writing to the board.

Injury, Loss or Damage

  • The club shall not be responsible for any injury sustained by any member and/or guest for any damages or loss of property belonging to any member or to any guest whether such injury, loss or damamge occurred by reason of the negligence or otherwise of the Club, its members, officers, employees, or others.  Every member and every guest(s) introduced shall use the Club premises at his, her or their own risk.
  • The Club carries Liability Damage Insurance but it is recommended that members, in addition, have their own personal liability coverage.  The Poplar Hills Golf & CC does not insure member's personal property including golf clubs, equipment and carts.
  • Should any member, or his or her registered guest(s), inadvertently or unintentionally injure any person or persons, or damage any property while on the Golf Course, it must be reported to the Pro Shop as soon as possible.  Giving full particulars of how it happened, and the names of the person or persons involved and the description of the damage to the property and where located.