Hole #1

The inaugural hole at the Poplar Hills Golf and Country Club has an elevated tee box which gives the golfer a great view of this dogleg left hole.  The left hand side of this hole is tree-lined with very little relief as tall trembling aspen, intermediate white spruce and small paper birch line the fairway, adjacent to the driving range.  The hole opens up to the right and is less penalizing if a mistake occurs.  The tree-line on the right hand side of this hole is a collection of intermediate aspen, birch and white spruce.  Two white spruce marker trees are approximately 165 yards from the green.  For the big hitters aim for the cart path and the 150 yard marker (yellow) which, if carried, will leave you with a pitching iron into the green.  For less adventurous golfers - aim for the marker trees in the fairway and you should have a great look at the green.  One bunker guards the left hand side of this slightly elevated green which slopes towards the front right corner.  If you land your second shot just off the green it should roll up and on, giving you a birdie opportunity.

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Hole #2

The second hole is a short par three with an elevated green which slopes to all front edges of the green.  From the tee box the fairway opens up and this hole an easy play.  However, the left side of the fairway is lined with immature paper birch and white spruce and offers no relief if your shot enters this area.  Beyond the right fairway edge are wet areas under the canopy of tall mature pine and aspen, and may be less playable than the left side.  A perfect tee shot will leave you over the front bunker and onto the green.  If you have to make a mistake be pin high and to the left of the green as your next pitch will allow you to utilize more of the green.  Behind the green is a steep incline up to the fourth hole green which can make your second shot difficult.  If you go too far make sure it is not long and right as the terrain steeply falls off and makes for a difficult second shot.

Hole #3

The third hole has an elevated tee box that offers views of the fairway below as well as the adjacent fairway and the water hazards beyond.  There is a large water hazard along the fairway for a substantial portion of this hole.  Small birch line the hazard but not large enough to stop you from rolling in.  The big hitters can clear the left fairway water hazard and have a short chip into the green.  This hole has a lot of water so keep your shot straight.  Two spruce marker trees are approximately 70 yards from the green which also has a right side bunker.  The best play is to take a low iron or fairway wood and leave yourself approximately 150 yards as a second shot.  The green itself is slightly elevated and slopes to the back right hand side.  The hardest pin placement is in the back left hand side, however this hole is the easiest par four on the course.  As a side note, there is an outhouse located between the third green and fourth tee box.

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poplar hills golf course, hole 4

Hole #4

The 4th hole is the toughest on the course and this is because of its topography.  The tee-box for this hole is not elevated and is tightly lined with immature spruce, birch and aspen along the left fairway for approximately 200 yards.  After the tree-line the pond from the third fairway can come into play.  The right hand tree-line from the tee box has both mature and immature pine, spruce, birch and aspen trees which if hit into offer no relief.  The fairway is steeply sloped from right to left at approximately 220 yards where it also elevates some 25 feet to a two tiered green.
The right hand fairway opens up to the fifth fairway at about 150 yards for approximately 100 yards upon which a mature tree-line comes back into play.  Be careful as the right hand side of the fairway has a bunker at approximately 230 yards.  Bunkers also guard both the left and right side of the green.  Depending on where the pin is located you will either want to be on the top or the bottom shelf.  The more difficult location is on the bottom where putting from above and missing the cup may leave you off the front edge of the green and back down the hill.

Hole #5

The 5th hole has a high elevated tee box that is snugly situated between a tight left hand tree-line which is dominated by immature white spruce and aspen.  The right hand fairway is more forgiving after 100 yards as the large lodgepole pine subside and open up to the 4th fairway.  Being right is definitely the play on this hole.
A long driver can make it over the left hand fairway bunker and result in a short chip to the green.  If you stay in the middle of the fairway a player will have a shot at this medium sized elevated green.  Be careful as there are two small green side bunkers just to the right hand side of the green.  The green itself is sloped predominately to the back right hand corner.  This inviting green if soft enough will be able to make par.

poplar hills golf course 5th hole
Poplar Hills Golf and Country Club

Hole #6

The 6th hole is the second toughest hole on the course and that can be directly correlated to its nasty green.  This is the only hole where the ladies will tee off from an entirely different area located over 50 yards closer to the green.  If the ladies are daring enough there is an open air latrine located adjacent to the tee box.  However, if this does not suit your fancy the next outhouse is located adjacent to the 7th tee box.  This hole from the white and blue blocks is a dog leg right while from the reds the green is visible.  From the white and blue blocks aim over the cart path and to the left of the trees that are straight ahead.  The fairway slopes severely from right to left which leaves a player looking up at a small sloped green.  Too far left and you will be in the tree-line where it an be unplayable a lot of the time.  If you don't make the green you want to be just short and on the fringe unless the pin colour is blue, in which case aim for the middle of the green.  This green has frustrated many a player so try and be below the hole and keep it close.

Hole #7

The 7th hole is the only par 5 at the club and is reachable in two to the good golfer.  The elevated tee box allows the golfer to see this downward fairway with the scenic Northern Rockies in the background.   A signature fountain and large pond are to the left of the tee box but should pose no problem as it is guarded by immature white spruce.  The fairway for this hole is quite large and slopes from left to right with immature white spruce and large trembling aspen lining the right fairway.  The left side of the fairway is less inviting as the forage is more dense and the debris more cumbersome.  Two spruce and an aspen are marker trees from the tee box and are approximately 130 to 140 yards from the hole.  If you're in the fairway aim 10 yards to the right of the left fairway bunker and you will be in good position as this is the courses only depressed green.  Go right and you are in trouble as there is a fairway bunker and after that the terrain slopes sharply towards the tree-line where relief is almost non-existent.  The green itself is medium sized and quite sloped towards the back right hand corner.  Landing a third shot with within 10 feet on this green is no easy task.

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poplar hills golf course

Hole #8

The 8th hole is the second, and longest of the two par threes at the club.  The tee box has a medium sized pond in the front of it, but should not pose a problem if your shot is elevated and goes at least 40 yards.  Trees line both the right and left side of the fairway offering little relief if hit into.  If anything, leave yourself short of the green and out of one of the three green side bunkers.  Herman to club members is the more frequented and harder of the bunkers to get out of.  The small green on this hole is usually fast and has a lot of break especially with a front-hole pin location.  However, this green breaks predominantly to all front edges so be careful.
Side note, there is an outhouse located just to the right of the tee box and just beyond the tree-line.

Hole #9

The finishing hole at Poplar Hills is the quintessential risk/reward hole.  Intermediate white spruce and paper birch line the left side of the fairway with mature trembling aspen and jack pine dominating above.  The right-side of the fairway offers more relief but the angle to the hole is definitely compromised with a green-side bunker and elevated green.  Mature pine and spruce will also obstruct your second shot if you go too far to the right.  The risky shot is to put it out directly at the large fountain filled pond, which extends from the left side of the fairway into the middle.  Go too far and pay the price that so many have done before.  Keep it less than 225 yards and you will put yourself in position for a favorable second shot.  The green itself is raised almost 20 feet from the fairway below and is relatively flat however; it has quite a bit of break for various pin placements.  Two bunkers are located around the green with the previously noted small right-side bunker being accompanied by a rear medium sized bunker.  The last climb up to this 9th green may be tough but, the picturesque clubhouse and the cold beverage that awaits makes it all that more rewarding.

poplar hills 9th hole